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Your decision to make an appointment should be well anticipated. In numerous areas time limits have to be strictly respected in order to assert your rights. Approaching your issue at its root may prevent you from harmful consequences and often paves the way for a smooth and favourable outcome. That is why you should make an appointment from the very first occurrence of your issue in order to elaborate a proficient strategy for the defense of your interests.
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At this stage, you should provide some information:
The nature of your appointment:

  • Do you need legal advice? You should describe in a few words the content of your issue.
  • Do you want to institute proceedings against someone? You should briefly explain the substance of these proceedings.
  • Are proceedings instituted against you, or already instituted? You should clearly state the date of the court trial, which jurisdiction is concerned and what the stakes are...


You should try to take along all documents in relation with your issue to your first appointment, even if these documents seem irrelevant to you.

It is important that you disclose every information about your issue to your lawyer, even if it is unfavourable, and let your legal counsel determine whether it is relevant or not for the defense of your interests.

You should provide your lawyer with as many details about your opponent as possible.

You will be regularly informed about every work carried out by our law firm.


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